Automated Facebook Messaging: Pricing —


1. Can I export users?
Yes. Export profiles to edit them in Excel, Google Sheets, or other software, to import them in your CRM, to handle different Facebook Groups separately, or for some other purposes. You can import them back when you need them.
2. Will I send a message twice to the same person?
No, if the person is in the same collection. If you clear the collection or set the person's "isMessageSent" field to "false", then you can send them again.
3. Will I have the same person in the collection twice if I collect profiles from different places?
No, since we check whether the person is already present in the collection. And if so, then we do not add them again.
4. Do you have a tutorial or some kind of training?
Yes, we have explanatory video which shows how to use the extension.
5. Can I message from multiple Facebook accounts at the same time?