Mass messages on Facebook, Sell on Facebook, Facebook Automation CUCOMM

Uncover tons of leads on scale

Leverage a huge 3.8 billion lead database by sending hundreds of messages on Facebook every day completely on autopilot
Overcome limits with multiple Facebook accounts (provided).
Limited by outbound message limits?
Don't get enough qualified high-value calls?
Wasting too much time clicking the same buttons for outreach?
Tools don't automate enough?
Struggling with repeat visits to the same profiles?

Scale as much as you want without limits

  • Automated parsing
  • Targeting
  • Automated cold outreach with follow-ups
  • Split-test messages / Facebook accounts
  • CRM
  • Detailed statistics
  • Multi-account anti-detect browser in place
  • Simple straightforward interface

Better than manual methods

You spend 4 times less time and get 7 times more leads compared to manual!
Saves you up to 75% of time on messaging your clients
Saves you 100% of your time on gathering statistics
Doesn’t visit the same profiles again and again
Allows you to work from 7+ accounts at the same time
Doesn’t message the same people from different accounts

Built with heart for Marketing Agencies

IT outsorces, SaaS platforms, coaches, event organizers and anyone looking for high-value clients

Unique all-in-one solution!

Never existed before! You won't find anything like this.
Facebook cold outreach automation
Unique fingerprints for each account
Built-in proxies for unique IP addresses for each account
Everything is pre-configured. Just hit RUN!

Unique fingerprints technology

Websites which you visit see fingerprints of your computer such as which fonts are installed on you operating system, which processor you have, video card, screen resolution and many more. Cucomm Desktop generates unique fingerprints for each profile to make them look like totally different computers allowing you to safely work with any amount of Facebook accounts.
Better than competitors
  • Scaling: Need more leads? Just add FB accounts!
  • No need to split profiles for each account — use the same collection
  • Split-test outbound messages
  • Split-test appearance of accounts
  • CRM in place
  • Follow-up sequences
  • Free safe built-in anti-detect multi-account browser
  • Detailed statistics for each day/account (sent, delivered, booked)
  • Core auto-updates
  • On-boarding session
  • Live-chat, email, and phone support, remote support

Target precisely with ease

Get higher conversions. Lots of targrting options are in place.
Target by demographics
and location
Target by Job-title (+negative keywords)
Target by Industry and Interest
And more!
Like company keywords

Benefits of using Cucomm Desktop

  • Automated everything: parsing, friend requesting, messaging, liking, statistics calculating
  • Export/import leads
  • Up-to-date (core udpates automatically)
  • No duplicates. Optional. Does not send messages to the same prospects multiple times, even when outreaching from multiple accounts (use the same profiles collection)
  • Team. All colleagues share the same profile collections. Reach prospects without duplicates
Look how it works

Client reviews

Our customers say Great
4.1 out of 5
TrustScore 4.1
“Our VAs use Cucomm every day. Without Cucomm, Facebook wouldn't be a profitable channel for us.”
John Green
CEO, Outreach & CO
SaaS Service
“Now our Sales Reps spend 4x less time on Facebook outreach with the same result. They have more time for other important tasks.”
Nikita Kalashnikov
Founder, DataFuel
IT outsorce development
“We have increased our sales by 2 times. It's very powerful software. Never such a thing before for groups on FB.”
Jason Carmona
CEO, IT Studio 42
Detailed in-depth statistics
CRM to track your
Parse from anywhere on Facebook!
Friend Lists
Business Pages
People from search
Business Pages from search
Simulates real user behaviour
Built-in safety notifications

Cases from clients

They sell B2B-service via Facebook
With CUCOMM, SDRs have freed up 75% of their time ($33,750 in cash)
  • Sales Development Representatives: 3
  • Time spend on Facebook communications before CUCOMM (per SDR): 2 hours per day (6 hours per day in total)
  • Average SDR salary $60,000
With CUCOMM 4 times faster
  • Time spend on Facebook communications with CUCOMM (per SDR): 30 minutes per day (1,5 hours per day in total)
  • Saved time per agent pet year: 1,5*260=390 hours (48,75 days) per year
  • Saved money per year per agent: 60,000/260/8*390=$11,250 saved
  • Saved money per year in total: $11,250*3=$33,750 saved in total
Canadian marketing platform for realtors
Looking for Real Estate Agents to sell them their marketing platform
With CUCOMM amount of sales increased by 2 times
  • Sales Development Representatives: 10
  • SDR send messages per month: 6,300
  • Sales per month: 2
  • Average bill: $6,400, revenue: 2*$6,400=$12,800 per month
With CUCOMM revenue is higher
  • SDR send messages per month in total: 11,340
  • Sales per month: 4
  • Increased revenue: 4*$6,400=$25,600 — increased by 2 times!

Frequently Asked Questions

No, if the lead is in the same collection. If you clear the collection or set the lead's "isMessageSent" field to "false" in the collection, then you can send to them again. Even if you run the messaging from multiple Facebook accounts at the same time over the same lead collection, you won't message the same lead twice.

No, since we check whether the person is already present in the collection. And if so, then we do not add them again.


Yes, we have explanatory videos in the ACELERATOR tab and on YouTube: For Enterprise customers we can conduct a training.


Use multiple Facebook accounts at the same time. So e.g. if you send 15 messages/hour from 1 account, then it will be 105 messages/hour from 7 accounts. Another option is to decrease pauses in the Settings, but it's not recommended (except for the targeting feature).

(1) Set the pauses in the Settings to "from 1 to 3" (and reset it before mass sending/liking). (2) Use multiple Facebook accounts at the same time.

Yes! For example, if you let's say targeted 100 leads out of 1000, you can start the mass messaging right away, no need to wait till the end. The messaging will start from the targeted profiles first and then handle the others.

By default, no. You can change it if you uncheck "Message if chat is empty only".

(1) Make your profiles look appealing: Facebook Cover image should include client's pain or something interesting to them with numbers (you can use and change a Facebook Cover template for free under 10 minutes). Specify a relevant bio and pin a relevant post. (2) Test different outbound messages. Usually, we recommend to specify a greeting with the first name, problem, solution and a call-to-action like "Worth a chat?", "Let's have a quick call?". After they agree - send them the booking link (Calendly e.g.).

Sure! Just visit the AFFILIATE PROGRAM section, you will find your affiliate link there.

Yes, our software allows you to run multiple accounts even at the same time. Btw, you can buy trusted Facebook accounts (contact our Sales).


Yes. It won't message the same lead twice.

Yes. Export the lead collection, clear it in the extension widget, and import it back. Uncheck "Message if chat is empty only" and start the messaging again.


Yes, you can do anything on your computer, except using Facebook during messages / friend requests sending. But we recommend to take the tab with the Cucomm widget out to make it work alone in a separate window so that it isn't frozen.

You need to disable Memory Savers and Power Savers in your operating system and in each profile (in Google Chrome). Or you need to take the tab with the Cucomm widget out to make it work alone in a separate window.

No, the new one will replace the old one automatically.

Yes, each profile has unique fingerprints and with unique proxies it makes it safe to run many accounts of different websites, not only Facebook. You don't need to pay for another anonymity browser, we provide it with the automation.

Yes. Export profiles to edit them in Excel, Google Sheets, or other software, to import them in your CRM, to handle different Facebook Groups separately, or for some other purposes. You can import them back when you need them.

You can use Cucomm Desktop to run multiple accounts of different websites (not Facebook only) and use Cucomm Proxy or any other proxy as well, but the automation itself (parsing, mass messaging etc) is available for Facebook only.

We have been working on Facebook automation for 3 years and we run our own Marketing Agency using CUCOMM, so we know all the pitfalls that might have happened on your way.
Thanks to our agency and close contact with our clients we implemented 1 silver bullet to all cold outreach problems you might have. Our tech-heavy team has a lot of experience in the field and had 3 years to implement everything, so you won’t experience any lack of features.