Automated Facebook Messaging
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Automated Facebook Messaging

Tired of paying for every single lead?
Want to reach your competitor's clients for free?
Exhausted by repeating actions to send many messages?


Get free browser extension

CUCOMM is the browser extension for your computer which allows you to mass send messages to members of any Facebook Group, Page or to profiles from People Search page from a regular Facebook user

How it looks

Widget on the Facebook in the lower left corner
Widget is placed on Facebook in the lower-left corner


Free your time

Sends your message to all members of any Facebook Group instead of you

No blocking

Extension works in your browser like you do (you see it), so Facebook thinks it's a regular user


If Facebook changes anything in its code you don't need to install new version of extension - it's updated automatically

No Bussiness Account

Facebook Bussiness Account is NOT required and you don't need to own a Facebook Group

It's free

Just use extension, don't spend money


Ask any questions in our live chat, phone, or via email

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How it works

1. Install extension

Sign Up and install extension

2. Open Facebook

Open any Group, Page or People Search and click the Collect Profiles button in extension (it's on the page)

3. Send Messages

Click Send Messages in the extension, type the message and click Send to start bulk sending

Sign Up and Install Extension

Find people by job title, city, or company on the People Search page, by Page or Group names in Facebook search, or open Facebook link on competitor's site

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