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Facebook Automation

Tired of paying for every single lead?
Want software that just generates appointments with prospects?
Tired of visiting the same Facebook profiles again and again?


Leverage Facebook for Sales the right way!

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CUCOMM is the browser extension which allows you to:
  • Target by Job-title, Location, Interest, Friends amount.
  • Send mass messages on Facebook to members of any Facebook Group, Page, People Search, or to Friends as a regular Facebook user.
  • Send mass friend requests to targeted prospects.
  • Like leads' posts (more notifications => higher chance to connect).
  • See FB account statistics in case you use multiple accounts.
  • Extract lists of Facebook users.

How it looks

Widget on the Facebook in the lower left corner
The widget is placed on the Facebook in the lower-left corner


Set and Forget

Sends a message (or friend requests, post likes) to members of any Facebook Group, Friend List, Business Page, People Search instead of you

Export Users

You can collect profiles from Facebook Groups and other places, then Export them and Import them back when necessary. Or use profile collections to manage segments

No Blocking

Extension works in your browser like you do (you see it), so Facebook thinks it's a regular user


If Facebook changes anything in its code you don't need to install a new version of extension - it's updated automatically

BM not required

Facebook Bussiness Manager is NOT required (if you have it — it's not a problem) and you don't need to own a Facebook Group


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Save Time

Automated Targeting and Collecting. Automated Cold Outreach. No more opennings of the same profiles again and again

No Duplicates

Optional. Does not send messages to the same prospects multiple time (use the same profiles colleciton)


All colleagues share the same profile collections. Reach prospects without duplicates

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How it Works

1. Install Extension

Sign Up and install the extension

2. Open Facebook

Open any Group, Page or People Search and click the Collect Profiles button in extension (it's on the page).

3. Message or Extract

Click Send Messages in the extension, type the message and click Send to start bulk sending.

Or click export in the extension to export collected profiles.

Sign Up and Install Extension

Find people by job title, location, or company on the People Search page, by Page or Group names in Facebook search, or open a Facebook link on a competitor's website


Jason Carmona

We have increased our sales by 2 times. It's very powerful software. Never such a thing before for groups on FB.

Nikita Kalashnikov

CEO at DataFuel. Now our Sales Reps spend 4x less time on Facebook outreach with the same result. They have more time for other important tasks.

Felix Tang

Our SDRs use CUCOMM every day. Without it, Facebook wouldn't be a profitable channel for us.

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1. Can I export users?
Yes. Export profiles to edit them in Excel, Google Sheets, or other software, to import them in your CRM, to handle different Facebook Groups separately, or for some other purposes. You can import them back when you need them.
2. Will I send a message twice to the same person?
No, if the person is in the same collection. If you clear the collection or set the person's "isMessageSent" field to "false" in the collection, then you can send to them again.
3. Will I have the same person in the collection twice if I collect profiles from different places?
No, since we check whether the person is already present in the collection. And if so, then we do not add them again.
4. Do you have a tutorial or some kind of training?
Yes, we have explanatory videos that show how to use the extension. For Enterprise customers we can conduct a training.
5. Can I use multiple Facebook accounts?
Yes. You can click your profile avatar in the top right Chrome corner, then click "+ Add" - no Google account is required. Also, you can buy Facebook accounts (contact our Sales), and use our CUCOMM Browser that allows you to set cookies without visiting Facebook, and it supports proxies per Facebook account.
6. Can I use multiple Facebook accounts at the same time?
7. Can I use my computer while CUCOMM works?
Yes, you can do anything on your computer, except using Facebook during messages / friend requests sending. But we recommend to take the tab with the CUCOMM widget out to make it work alone in a separate window so that it isn't frozen.
8. When I came back it has done almost nothing / was frozen. What is the reason?
You need to take the tab with the CUCOMM widget out to make it work alone in a separate window.

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